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The Jeff Hawke club was formed in 2001 with the aim of bringing the Jeff Hawke science-fiction stories to a wider public. The club is a unique and very successful publishing venture, re-printing for the first time ever the entire run of Jeff Hawke stories, probably the greatest sci-fi comic strip of the 20th century. Created and drawn by Sydney Jordan, Jeff Hawke ran consecutively as a syndicated strip in two British newspapers from 1954 until 1988 and was a sci-fi strip aimed at an adult audience. Its themes are subtle and thought provoking  - its artwork mature and realistic.  The entire corpus comprises 111 stories and until the JHC began its work only six of these were available in reprinted form in English.  To date, since its formation, the club, with the full co-operation and encouragement of Sydney Jordan, has re-published 93 of the stories in a series of large format books, which reproduce the strips (from originals in the newspaper archives) at their original size. Accompanying each story are extensive notes, both by Sydney, and by well known science author and collaborator Duncan Lunan . 

These books are published three times a year and are exclusively available to members of the Jeff Hawke club. The membership fee is paid annually and for this you will receive the next three books as they become available. Membership also allows you to purchase all the other books in the series and thus to obtain the entire collection of Jeff Hawke stories to date.  This is a unique opportunity to own and read this groundbreaking sci-fi series available nowhere else.

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Subscriptions are by the current volume and not by the date you join, it makes it easier for us to make sure you receive your copy of the club magazine on time.

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